What are we waiting for?

2017 Oct 11

Lately, people have been asking me when they'll be able to sign up for internet service from Orchard Broadband. I'm glad to hear there's interest in what Orchard Broadband has to offer, but the answer to that question may be disappointing. It's going to be a while longer.

It's very important that Orchard Broadband be able to offer quality service to the customers it serves. In order to make sure connections are strong and stable, a lot of testing needs to be done.

In the early days, we'll just need to make sure that everything works - bits flow in the right direction and nothing's blocked that shouldn't be. We also want to see how much load the system can take before it starts to get bogged down. I'd rather get a good idea of home many customers the system can handle before we actually have that many customers wanting service.

Then will come the beta period. We'll have a few customers that are willing to put up with some downtime and repeated customer service visits. They'll help us figure out the best way to get customers connected to the network. They'll probably find a few problems for us as well, because nothing finds bugs better than real-world use.

Once onboarding beta customers becomes a smooth process, we'll start rolling out more generally. At that point, we wouldn't expect any surprises in getting new houses set up - and no one wants those kinds of surprises anyway.