Introducing Orchard Broadband

2017 Sep 27

I haven’t been satisfied with my Internet Service Provider (ISP) for quite some time. The quality of service has been dropping even though the price has been rising.

As I’ve shopped around for a new ISP I haven’t been able to find one that I would want to sign up with. Their various services are slow, expensive, or come with strings attached. I’ve talked with friends and neighbors and their perspectives seems to be the same as mine - none of these ISPs are what we're looking for.

We all depend on the internet so much. It’s a shame we have to endure the current batch of ISPs for the privilege.

That does not need to be the case.

Orchard Broadband is different. It's the Internet Service Provider I'd want to sign up with. The speeds are useful and the prices are reasonable. I can use the internet any time I need it without worrying about the connection failing.

There will be more information to share in the coming months as the infrastructure is built up and tested. It will be a few months before Orchard Broadband is ready to start accepting customers, but when it is I'm confident you'll be pleased.